Laporta accepts talks with Messi’s father but secretly pulls back

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Barcelona president Joan Laporta has admitted he spoke to Lionel Messi‘s father, but declined to discuss a possible return to his former club.

Laporta admitted meeting and talking with Leo’s father, Jorge Messi, was a “common conversation” when it came to the possibility of moving from Paris Saint-Germain back to Barcelona. Or not, I don’t want to talk about this issue.“I met with Jorge Messi, yes, we talked about the World Cup. Leo’s Honor Game””Right now he’s at PSG. So I don’t want to talk about whether he’ll come back or not,” Laporta said.

Messi has been at Barcelona since breaking into the first team in 2004 until 2021, when his contract at the Nou Camp expired as a result of the ufabet club’s financial problems. Makes choosing to sign for free with Paris Saint-Germain. And is about to expire with a famous team in Ligue after the end of this season. Previously, there was news that Messi was close to agreeing to extend his contract with PSG. But another stream indicated that there was a chance to return to his former club Barcelona

Changing the conversation, Laporta was then asked about the decision not to keep Messi in 2021. Which ended in a teary farewell to the club’s greatest ever player.

The president is adamant a new contract would have been impossible, though.

“The situation was very complicated, we didn’t have fair play, the league didn’t allow it either,” he said.

“I would have liked it to continue and I didn’t know how to do it. I had to choose and I chose the institution.”