Pepper Lunch from “Plant-Based Meat” menu

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Health comes first today, we have the latest special menu, delicious, healthy for every meal. It is the menu from Pepper lunch, which is now introducing 4 brand new special menus made from Plant-Based Meat in the Beyond Tomorrow campaign. Mainly flavorful steak But not meat. But it is made from plants !! So wow! Anyone who doesn’t eat meat can try this dish.

All of these 4 menus are made from 100% plant-base Beyond meat products. But they give different textures. The taste is very meat-like. Call that you can eat meat without any guilt for anyone who doesn’t eat meat. And for anyone who is taking care of their health now. Eating meat made from plants is also beneficial, as plant-based meat does not contain cholesterol. High fiber And maintain the complete ufabet nutritional value as well Very cool, I have to try it.

There are 4 menus to choose from. Which the admin has tried to eat is Very meaty Both taste, touch. And the taste is also rich and delicious I don’t feel. That this is made from plants because. I smell very little from plants. If eating on a hot pan In the style of Pepper Lunch I guarantee it is absolutely delicious, but since you have to be safe during this time before ordering, you can eat it at home, it can also be delicious, right? You can go try it. Recommended.

The four new futuristic food menus are as follows

Beyond Meat Steak 
• Beyond Meat Steak with french-fried
• Beyond Meat Pasta
• Beyond Meat Pasta  • Beyoncé Beef Salad (Beyond Meat Salad) 

special! When buying any main menu Receive a privilege to redeem Beyond meat salad at a price of only 69 baht, limit the first 200, just press the privilege via Line @ pepperlunchth Replying to @Amouranth

Will serve this deliciousness from April 21 – June 20, 2021 at all 15 participating Pepper Lunch branches such as Chamchuri Square, Central Plaza Ladprao, Terminal 21 Asoke, Central Plaza Kae Grand Rama 9, Mega Bangna, Silom Complex, Central Plaza Westgate, Central Plaza Pinklao, Siam Square One, Central Plaza Rama 2, Robinson Bangrak, Gateway Ekamai, Central World, The Mall Bang Khae and Sam Yan. Mitr Town, let’s go and order.