5 ways to awaken your brain to think of work

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Whether you are creative or not. All have to think of work What projects are you thinking about? But I can’t think of anything It seems like not yet a cool and interesting idea, or all creative lines that are having trouble thinking about their work. The brain doesn’t work. Can’t continue working because I don’t know what to do. Or figure out what you can think I couldn’t return as I expected, so Goodlife would like to share 5 ways that will help us wake up the brain to think creatively as hoped. What will be there? Let’s go ทางเข้า ufabet and see.

Take a break for a while

I can’t think of anything, or I can think of it, but I don’t feel good enough. Still want something better, more exotic Been thinking for a long time and thinking until I don’t know what to think. If so, take a break, take a break, think for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, try getting up and walk. Sniff outside Or open a funny clip, watch it for 4-5 minutes, look again and think again To stop thinking about things that have been done for a long time Worry or stress for a long time Will make our brain clearer even more Reduce the fatigue of the brain as well. Just this we will feel the brain is working better.

Try to find something new to do. Or doing something unfamiliar

The brain works hard from thinking. Will keep doing something new that has never been done Or is it unfamiliar again? Wouldn’t it make the brain work harder? Even if we’re not taking the breaks as we should But finding new things to do is another way to divert ideas. Possible attention Learning or trying something new It will help make our body feel more awake. The brain will work better as well. Also, by doing things that we are not used to, it will make us seem like we have fallen out of the old concept. Maybe while we’re doing that Or after done We might be able to get a good idea that we want.

Try to bring yourself to a new place.

Our environment may make us feel bored. Or get rid of our thoughts Being in the same place is no different from thinking about the same thing in the same place. Have you ever noticed why creative professionals like to work in coffee shops? Or different places Because taking yourself to different places will help us think more. So try to change the place of work for a while. Maybe a flash, go to a coffee shop or a co-working space for an hour or two, or go for a walk at the bookstore. Open a little book It will help to broaden our conceptual framework. It seems to open up the world and give it a little more, it would be great if we choose a place that fits the theme of the event that we have received For example, this work would like to look a little more natural. Then try to go to a cafe with a garden Or public park

Stop holding your mobile phone Or iPad for a while

It is true that mobile phones or iPads. It is almost a fifth factor in our life already. Although the technology today will facilitate us almost everything. Making us easier to live life Both communication Or whatever search For example, when we want to know something, just grab and type for a few seconds and get information on what we want to know. Well, this is fine. So we can easily find anything. But the truth is, anything is too easy to get. May cause us not to come up with new ideas Using the same old methods that we have been used to It will make us not feel excited. Or make our brains active too In addition, the use of the ufabet mobile phone when thinking of anything still gives us the same thoughts. It seems like there is something to frame our minds as well. It may cause stress more easily because our minds have to get something new from our mobile phone. But it does not make us worry And stressed harder than before.

Can’t figure out, just try to find out more.

Sometimes we only have the topic of the work. But can’t figure out the details We might try to find out more. Many times, creatives get great projects or projects from small points of information. Sometimes nothing seems to be nothing. It could be the start of something big. So let’s read more about it. We may be able to catch the eye with a small message or information in it.